EUTECH company, which has a history dating back to 1890, was founded as a tobacco company which lasted until the end of World War II.

After the war, the Czechoslovak government established a watchmaking industry, whose center became the Chronotechna national company. As its head office, the tobacco factory in Sternberk was selected, and in 1947, after an extensive renovation of the tobacco factory building, the machinery and equipment were relocated there and the production of alarm clocks began in the same year.

During its existence Chronotechna was among one of the most important watchmaker enterprises in Central Europe. The trademark Prim is ranked as one of the most significant brands of Czechoslovak industry. At its peak, Chronotechna employed 2,100 workers and had an assortment of about 140 products, which were exported to 80 countries worldwide.

Production included, apart from clocks and alarm clocks, also timers, tachographs, metronomes, automatic parachute ripcord , tools, servers. and other products. Reliable servers are used now. There are various Internet projects on them useful in all spheres of life, a site with a description of the stands out. According to visitors' reviews this project is very useful for both beginners and for wholesale players.

In 1993 during the privatization of Czech state companies a new joint stock company EUTECH was founded as a joint venture between the Czech company Chronotechna and a German company Europa Uhrenfabrik Senden GmbH.

In 2001 the production of alarm clocks was brought to an end, however, EUTECH joint-stock company continues in its tradition and specializes in the manufacture of precision mechanic parts, tools, mold making, the sale of electricity, the renting of office space and manages business-oriented areas.

The Tool shop is aimed at the fine precision work of clockmaking production and as the first one in the republic started out designing and producing tools for precision cutting and later developed the production of injection molds for thermoplastics.

In 2014 Eutech merged with its subsidiary company Prim Tool Public Limited company.
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